Silent Disco
Silent Disco

Save the Date: Silent Disco

23 March - 19:00-22:00 - The Vagant

Do you also hate it when you're dancing to music at a party, and you can't turn it off for a bit? Does it get you down when the BBCie borrel is over and you have to go home? In that case, stay on 23 March after the borrel in the Vagant (or be there at 7), and come to the silent disco! You can get your headphones for €2, and there will also be snacks :)

Ticket sales will open soon! We will be ordering pizza's, if you buy your ticket you can add your order if you want to.

  • Actposter
  • Committee: AxiCie
  • Start: Thu 23 Mar 2023, 19:00
  • End: Thu 23 Mar 2023, 22:00
  • Locatie: The Vagant
  • Admission price: €2
  • Organizer: A–Eskwadraat
  • Categorie: Party
  • Poster: Ja