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please note: the contribution form may still be in Dutch, and slightly different rules may apply! Make sure to contact the secretary with any questions.

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the Translation Committee

Contributors to A-Eskwadraat

Aside from members, A-Eskwadraat also has contributors; people who wish the association well and support it with a yearly contribution. Most of these contributors are former members, but sometimes they've come into contact with A-Eskwadraat in other ways.

As a contributor, you will remain involved with A-Eskwadraat and receive the Vakidioot in the mail, accompanied by a letter wherein the secretary updates you on the current state of affairs. You can also subscribe to other A-Eskwadraat publications, such as General Assembly minutes, the yearbook and symposium and study trip reports. (Some of these may require additional financial contribution.) We hope to keep you posted as well as we possibly can of everything going on in A-Eskwadraat.

The minimal yearly contribution is € 15,-. If you would like to become a contributor, you can download the contribution form here. You can return this by mail to:

regarding Contributors
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC, Utrecht

For any and all questions, you can contact the secretary.

Any contribution to make our activities possible is immensely appreciated!